Tongue in Cheek – Celebrating 4,000 Photos

This photograph marks my 4,000th picture in Flickr and my 2,152 Second Life blog post. Those stats not only boggle my mind, but kind of make me want to lie my head down on the desk.  

Looking into the way back machine, I find that The Fashionable Heart’s first posts happened in October 2007. That’s a lot of blogging, a lot of trial and error and even more learning. I gain experience every time I do a post. And, if you’re not learning, you’re not growing. Even after 4,000 pictures, I still struggle, especially with new SL functionality. Oh EEP Windlight environment, you heartless bitch. 

Over the years, I have struggled to find my way, my look and my style. There was a time, when I really had it down, but lately I have been feeling like I look like everyone else, fashion-wise.  I want to go back to those mix and match days I used to have. Those bring me the most joy.  

I keep my sponsor list small. I have to. That’s another valuable blog lesson I learned over the years. Every creator I work for deserves their product to shine and my full love and attention.  And if I’m serving too many masters, something’s going to suffer. 

Speaking of creator sponsors, I need to talk about one of my longest supporters, Cynful. I’ve been with the brand for ten years! So it seems only fitting that I’m wearing a Cynful outfit for this special post. You can say we both grew up together.  Before events were a regular thing and there were only something called main store releases from stores, and way before Blogotex was the way to herd us blogger kitties, it was Cynful and me, finding our way together.

It hasn’t all been stilettos and blusher, though. There’s been a few times where I’ve wanted to chuck it all. Getting rejected, whether blog posts getting returned or wanting to work for a certain SL creator and having your blogger app refused, still stings. Or having to break-up with a creator because you went different ways, or didn’t quite match up. But I feel over the past, I’ve grown up. I try to take those denials and break-ups and turn them into a learning experience. And believe me, considering my sensitive way, that’s not always easy. 

I want to close this post on a high note by stating that despite the photograph, I’m not tired or burned-out. Quite the opposite. Even after all of these years, each time I find a fun, new item, it lights that spark in me to create something, and as long as that happens, I’m in it for the long haul. I’m also making a promise to myself to do at least one post a week that gets me more into the mix and match, look of the day kind of features that help me up my game and expand my horizons. 

Thanks for reading and supporting me! 

Style Details:
Hair: DOUX – Ara Hairstyle
Top: Cynful Savi Leather Top
Skirt: Cynful Casual Baddie – Denim Skirt
Stockings: Enigma Apparel Tereza Stockings Black – New for XXX (7/13-8/3)

Amitie Panoramic View Backdrop
Desk/Chair: Amitie GirlBoss
Rug: Birdy – Spring – Worn Rug
Corgi: Foxwood – Sweet Corgi – Brown – 

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