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LAQ has just released their fuller and user friendly HUD. It will be sold separately from the heads. The good news is if you already own a LAQ head/HUD, you don’t have to buy the HUD again, it will be delivered to you. What this means is that you can own heads separately from the HUD for $1500L per head, instead of the previous $5000L. The main HUD will be $3000L and is a one time purchase – but the first 24h it will be 50% off – $1500L. LAQ’s thinking is that splitting up the costs makes more sense than paying $5k for the same features every time. One HUD to rule them all!

There’s also two new heads, Leia and Skye. I am using Leia shown here. The new HUD has tons more control. You can easily control the intensity of your make-up layers, including your eyes, and, as always, LAQ is very Omega friendly. You can even control the opacity and length of your eye lashes (upper and lower independently). One thing I was happy to find is it now features a built-in eye control. Really convenient when taking pictures.

There’s also new animation HUD features: Shorter expression sequences for more control over how you want your avatar to interact. Larger smiles. Working furniture animations. Lock neck to play animations without head movements. Eye movements control, including mocap eyes only.

Style Details: 
Hair: Lamb. Sour  – New for FaMESHed
Necklace: MICHAN – Bommie Necklace S (copper) – New for The Season’s Story
Top: Tee*fy Kiara Blazer – Blossom – New for Collabor88
LAQ Mesh HeadLAQ Bento head – Leia  – New
Skin ApplierLAQ ~ Leia Skin [2.0 Tone] LAQ Head Compatible  – New
Hairbase: E. Vary Clara Hairbase for [Omega]

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