The new Gaia head from LAQ employs Motion Capture. It’s animated using real life movements, which makes your avatar move much more realistically than ever before.

The Eye FX: Is LAQ’s new invention. It features shading and eye reflections on a separate layer from the eye itself. This way, shading and reflections stay intact even when your avatar looks around. Your eyes will also reflect light in the evening. It has an eyelash length slider allows for longer lashes. It also has an Omega-installed tattoo layer for freckles, blush, wrinkles etc.

This head includes 17 motion captured animations, which makes your avatar move much more realistically than ever before. The Default Moods at the top can be selected as your default animations. The expressions you choose to play below will go back to your default mood if you have one activated. You can play animations individually or choose several to play at random. The poses buttons pause animations and make your avatar use still poses for photos etc. The talk button underneath the expressions will make your avatar talk when you are on voice or writing in nearby chat. The auto expression syncs with the SL animations, for example, animated furniture etc.

Style Details:
Hair:  TUKINOWAGUMA *TKW* Laine [A] – New for June Tres Chic
Dress: Petite Mort- Chalk Essmie Dress  – New for June Tres Chic
Mesh Head: LAQ Bento – Motion Capture – Gaia 1.0 – New Release!

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