Hair Fair – Bandana Kit 2015

It’s getting to be that time of year again. That’s right…the Hair Fair is about to roll into town next month. Mark your calendars for July 11th through the 26th. This year we’re celebrating this as a 10-year tradition!

As in every year past, we have celebrated the last day of Hair Fair with Bandana Day. We remove our hair to show we care and wear the bandanas that Residents have created for us to sell at this event. What’s great about this is that it gives all Residents an opportunity to contribute in some way to help Wigs for Kids.

If you want to create a Bandana for Hair Fair 2015 you can contact Sasy Scarborough or Whimsy Winx for a Kit. Everything is provided for you, the mesh bandana, bakes and template for your ad. You only need to bring the creativity. More information on Bandana Kits is HERE, and you can also see an explanation on how to use the kit HERE.

I can’t wait to see the creations!

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