Genre – The Furry Edition

Yes, I realize this post is a bit of a departure for me and The Fashionable Heart, but bear with me (no pun intended). If you’re not familiar with the Genre event, each month, it features a new genre. I think it really helps celebrate diversity and creativity within the SL community. You can be anything you want to be in SL, and that’s the simple beauty of the virtual world. Last time I really stepped out of my typical human avatar, I was a garden gnome. People kept wanting to take me home and put me in their gardens. It was fun! 

Featured in this post are two different avatars that celebrate the furry community within SL. The first avatar is a beautiful Carousel Horse Avatar from ~LP~.  It comes with everything you need. Wear the horse, Shape, Alpha Layer, HUD and AO. Go! Have fun! Be different. This horse is available as a gatcha and is available in many different colors.

The second avatar really defines the definition of a furry, and that’s a “lil’ fox’ from the Beastie Shack. This too comes with everything you need to transform into a little fox. Plus, you have the added bonus of using different eye shapes, ability to color your eyes. In this post, lil fox is wearing a mask specifically designed for furrys from Chimeric Fashions. Both are available at the Genre event, which opens today.

So go, explore outside the traditional lines and become something not human! You might just discover a whole new respect for the furry community, like I did.  Respect!

Style Details:
Picture One:
~Ladies’ Pleasure~ Pink Pony – New at the Genre Event
Picture Two:
Beastie Shack –  Lil’ Fox ::– New at the Genre Event
 Chimeric Fashions. New at the Genre Event


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