If you were a mermaid, I was the sea.

Style Details:
Mermaid Tail: !dM Undine – mermaidTail – New at Genre
Make-Up: Eyes – .:SF:. “Sirene” Eye Makeup – Azure/Blue Lips – .:SF:. “Sirene” Lipstick – Sapphire – New at Genre
Arm Cuff: .:Wimey:. Arlen’s Mark Silver Cuff – New at Genre
Headpiece: Bliensen + MaiTai – Seafro – New at Genre
Necklace:  Eclectica Octopus Neckpiece-Turquoise – New at Genre
Eyes: a: mermaid havila eyes: aqua: – New at Genre
Trident: [LJ] Oceanic Trident – Crustacio – New at Genre
Ear Cuff: :[ET]: Flare Ear Cuff Right – Tiger – New at Genre
Ring: Frogstar – Deepsea Ring (Ocean) – New at Genre
Pose: .mien. {freestyle}  – New at Genre
Skin: *League* Skin Erin Sunkiss Pearl – New at The Skin Fair Sim 2

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow Heidi, absolutely stunning pic! That headpiece is gorgeous…LOVE!

    1. Heidi Volare says:

      Awe, thanks, Holls! I got a new graphics card last week and I’m continually amazed at how different things look on super-high quality settings. The detail in the headpiece is pretty incredible.

      Miss you, lady! xoxox

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