Essences – Emma

Skin Fair Poster 2014

Style Details:
Skin: Essences – Emma *noisette* Coming new for Skin Fair 2014
Hair: little bones. Eden –   at Chapter Four
Body Chain/Necklace: *REIGN.- Fameshed Chain – Black – at The Big Show
Eyes: {D.A} Striking Eyes – Ice – New at The Men’s Dept
Dress: OverhighGroup Gift
Pet: .Birdy. Snow Cub –  VIP Group Gift

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Somm says:

    Nice look but I dunno how you got the body chain to fit. The front looked okay but the back and the width around the waist forget it. You must have a small frame or more patience then I have. I finally gave up lol.

    1. Heidi Volare says:

      Thanks. To be honest, I couldn’t get it to fit in the back either! That’s why I wore it under a shirt. Ah well…at least there’s that option.

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