I am the broth of love. Make soup to me.

First off, apologies to the poor soul who’s house I squatted in to take these pictures. It was really so charming and so hard to pass up. Don’t worry, I left soup for you!

On another note, The Bitacore Travel Fair is in full swing. I am wearing a full jumpsuit outfit made to look like it’s made of  Asian silk from LavandaChic. Also in the Asian market at the Fair is this lovely ethnic skin from Modish. My photos do not do it justice. Utterly charming on.  Finally, from the Fair are Luas Kenya shoes, which are HUD controlled and made to look like silk as well.

Style Details:
Outfit: LavandaChic*Asian Silk Jumpsuit *Blue – New at the Bitacore Travel Fair (Asia)
Shoes: Luas Kenya Shoes  New at the Bitacare Travel Fair (Africa)
Necklace: Pure Poison – Jamille Necklace New at the Bitacore Travel Fair  (Africa)
Skin: ::Modish:: Xia {Honey}skins New at the Bitacore Travel Fair  (Asia)
Hair:  (Chemistry) Hair – Tamora (Medium)

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