Yeah. That’s why I seduced you, so you’d reach for the stars.

Beautiful new skin/face from PXL called Jade. It comes with so many options too. There are 15 lip colors, 2 levels of cheekbone shading, and freckles which are part of the skin. Then there are also 15 eye make-ups, 5 brow colors, a no brow option, 3 lips glosses, mole options and 3 cleavage options, which are all on tattoo layers. This gives you freedom to mix and match as you choose. Some of the eyeliner options are pretty nifty as well, such as a float option, which is a beautiful pop of color above your eye. SO much to choose from! I spent a good hour playing with make-ups.

Style Details:
Skin: [PXL] JADE SK PeachyPink Lips MEB C2 (EN) – New!
Makeups: Lips – [PXL] JADE LipGloss #3 Eyes – [PXL] JADE SK SmokeyBrown Eyes Moles – [PXL] Moles Med – New!
Top: :[Plastik]:- Sephie [Deformer]://Peppermint – New
Pants: :[Plastik]:-Cestus [XXS]://Fawn  – New
Hair: Ison – Ruby – Ison at the Hair Fair
Necklace/Earrings: [MANDALA]YAKUSHI  WHITE

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