Because you make me believe in the impossible.

I am  in love with these newer dresses from !go!. They’re beautifully-made and the subtle trompe l’oeil of the texturing really tricks the eye into believing the textures of the material are real. They’re lovely and feminine and available in more than a few colors.

For the first time, I also tried the mesh hands from Slink. I couldn’t decide on which set to get, so I caved and got them all. Tier is due? Oh. Heh. Sadly, I didn’t get a ton of time to play with them, and after taking the pictures, I realized that the HUD has separate controls for hands and wrists. Lesson learned.

I also tried a different filter. Do you think it came out too soft and fuzzy? I kind of like it. It’s different than the harder edges I usually capture. *shrug* The dress is fab no matter what filter you use. =D

Style Details:
Dress: !gO! Peony – New! (Marketplace Demo)
Hair: !lamb. I’ll Be Your Mirror
Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands
Necklace: :: Purple Moon Creations:: Selva Necklace in Love
Skin: [MyDear]Hattie

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