Fleur du Mâle Eyes — New

Here is a beautiful new collection of eyes from Fleur du Mâle (FDM) called Drake. These are from the Alive eyes collection, which are perfect for human shapes. FDM also makes the Drake in Seelie/Unseelie eyes. They’re perfect for for demons, dragons, elfs, nekos, or your Halloween costume. Seelie Drake Eyes include eyes for good or neutral characters, while Unseelie are for evil and/or demonic/Gothic characters.

These eyes also come with an optional, resize script prim to make them fit your face. I’m showing these without the prims, and they’re just as lovely. I tried to capture Volare’s eyes at a few different angles so you can see the depth to them.

Alive-Drake eyes come with 3 sizes of iris, and 3 shades for each size. The medium size fit Volare the best and I’m a sucker for light-colored eyes. So the majority of these are light and medium flavors.

I think my favorite are the Succubus with its hint of pink in them. I suggest you try a pair today.

Also, I would be remiss if I failed to mention the latest Plastik Aleria skin. I’m wearing Flush in Saltwater. It comes with flushed cheeks and dark eyes. In this photo shoot, I’m only wearing prim eyelashes, so you get the full effect of the pretty make-up that comes with the skin.

This is a sample of my favorite color eyes from FDM. The rest of the collection can be seen here on my Flickr.

Skin: Plastik :[P]:-Aleria-Saltwater://Flush (New!)
Tattoo: Tenjin – Cherry Blossom (Will be released 11/9)
Top: *Epic* Sho-Low Halter Top
Nails: [EY:NO] French long Nails & Leo-Bow Rings (GSP)
Hair: Truth – Clementine
Face Piercing: [-iPoke-] Illuminati

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