Let’s close our eyes and make our own paradise

In the past, I’ve only gone to Donna Flora for jewelry, but after seeing this gorgeous dress in Dunes blog, I thought I’d branch out and check out the clothes. I spent a fair amount looking at mostly formal items and lots of cocktail dresses. Some of it is period dress and there’s a lot to see. I noticed a few dresses that could be used as wedding dresses as well. Items are reasonably priced for what you get, and that’s high-quality.

This dress spoke to me from all of the other dresses. I think it was the neckline and the flirty, sexy off-the-shoulder arm straps that caught my eye.  I was delighted to see how lovely it was once I put it on. (My photography does not do it justice in any way, shape or form.) A couple quick notes, it does have a system skirt, so you’ll have to mod your shape a bit in the bum to avoid the “my ass is as wide as the Brooklyn bridge” syndrome and the prim attachments at the shoulders don’t always look correct with an AO. But hey, that’s life in SL, eh? We deal.

Style Notes:
Dress: * Donna Flora * GLEN
Shoes: #Orange Creations# Mercy – Black
Ears: Plastik – :[P]:-Secret Garden Ears- Silve
Hair: !lamb. Wild Nothing
Necklace: [W&B] Repairs Necklace Silver – Onyx
Ring: Donna Flora Square ring onix (right) NS Blood Diamond (left)
Face Piercing: Cobrahive – Gauged – Black/Silver

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