Men’s Closet

Men’s Closet

Maitreya’s latest hair release (Ymre) which is a lovely, dapper men’s tweed hat and messy pony tail seems like not only an obvious choice, but a perfect compliment for Musashi-Do’s latest men’s wear for ladies.

New from Shiryu Musashi is the InfiniTie; men’s wear-inspired shirts.  The shirts have a great feminine neckline that shows some cleavage to let others know you’re still quite the woman considering the garment. These shirts come in three variations, untucked (jacket layer), tucked and bare midriff (on the short layer) and include sculpted cuffs and collars and a flexi tie, with a sleek black jacquard texture. The collars are also scripted so the tie can be hidden with one click.

Here I’m going full-bore with my masculine look by wearing Musashi-Do’s femme suit, jacket and pants. As with all of his line, the quality and lines are impeccable. I am a big fan of the texturing on the shirts and the hand-painted Italian leather belt with the pants makes me happy in the same spot.

You really didn’t think the whole “Volare in an evening gown” would last very long, did you?

Shirt and Tie: Musashi-Do – InfiniTie Shirts Ladies (Classic) – Pink
Suit Jacket/Pants: Musashi-Do – Revolution Femme Suit – Black
Pumps: Adam n Eve Shoes – Seductress – Black
Hat+Hair: Maitreya – Ymre
Poses: Lyndzmatic
Location: Paris New York – Eiffel Tower

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