Radiant Bliss TreeHouse

Radiant Bliss TreeHouse

I was fortunate to become friends with  real life recording artist  and DJ Tasty Hax. She told me about her music project called Radiant Bliss. This community project is home to 3 electronic music venues where interesting and creative people can mingle, chat and chill.

Tasty added on to this venue by adding a small grouping of shops called the BaZaR. The purpose of RB BaZaR is to give new designers and artists a start in a beautiful friendly community environment that nurtures and supports ingenuity.  The TreeHouse music venue in the BaZaR is a nice compliment to the spirit of creative expression and music exploration.  Some of SL’s most unique and talented DJs play each week and it’s always good fun.

Last night I explored the Radiant Bliss Treehouse. It’s a drop-dead gorgeous build. A beautiful place to take photographs and just hang out. Some of the highlights for me…

A shop that sells unique umbrellas called “Weather or Not.”

Two animation and furniture shops called Dyer Maker and Eschia Nar’te.

The fashion shop that caught my eye is Sugary Designs. Sugary Designs has sexy, fun club clothes if you dare. I’m wearing an incredibly daring dress from Sugary. The dress is crazy revealing in the back. Halo, butt cleavage! The highlight of it is the prim chain that cascades down my back and ends in a flirty star. (comes in silver and gold chain) The dress is reasonably priced and available in a half-dozen colors and patterns. I’ve paired it with a pair of unique knee socks that cover just my knees, also available from Sugary.

On 9/15, Radiant Bliss is having an Open House Party featuring three hot DJs  to celebrate the grand opening of the BaZaR  portion of their sim. Check it out. Here’s your ride. Details below…

Knee Socks: *SUGARY* Kneesocks – metallic gold
Dress: *SUGARY* Nightlife Jeans Flower
Shoes: N-core STYLUS Platform XtremeHeel Black
Armband: Zaara : Nizam Bajubandh (armband) *white*
Necklace: Zaara : Nizam necklace (long) *white*
Hair: >TRUTH Hair< Peaches >

One Comment Add yours

  1. Tasty Hax says:

    Awesome Heidi! You look gorgeous 🙂

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