Skin Flicks Little Black Dress

Mavis McGettigan of Skin Flicks has come out recently with an entire line of little black dresses. They’re offered in six different styles, plus one jacket. And also many different colors, too. I guess, you can take the black out of little dress, eh?

Pictured below is V3 which gives a little wink and nod to the late 60s with its delicate sheer baby-doll overlay and mod black rhinestone buckle. Its textures are beautiful and the look is elegant and sexy. If you need a little black dress for an upcoming to-do, go check out her entire line. You’re sure to find something.

Skin Flicks LBD V3 (Black)
Necklace: +plus*The Vintage Black Pearl Necklace*
Gold Bracelet: Blogger’s Appreciation Gift from ~flirt~ [GIRLS]
Black Bracelet: Alienbear Design (Pearl Teardrop Pearl Bracelet (Deep black))
Shoes: J’s Real Toe Cross Belt Sandals BLACK
Hair: >TRUTH Hair< Minx >

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