Mimikri – Kiku

Mimikri – Kiku Summer

Spring is upon us and so is wedding season. As you know, the grid is always in full bloom with love and romance. (Yeah, present company included.) I get invited to a few weddings and there is always so much to choose from to wear. However, Mimikri has a perfect dress for attending a wedding. A fairly recent release from this designer, it’s offered in four different versions with various soft colors and floral patterns. Each one named after a season.

This sexy dress reminds me a lot of designs from Betsy Johnson with its lingerie-inspired black lace bodice and form-fitting skirt of Asian silk. Yes, this is a system skirt, but I’ve come to terms with my booty-licious booty. Hang on to your hat, I modified my shape. I know what you’re thinking. I know I vowed not to modify but dang it, this dress is just so pretty, and I looked so broad in the beam that I had to do something. My reasoning is that it’s like dieting to fit in to a special dress in real life. So there I have it, “My Shape On A Diet.” I am now one with the system skirt. (Yeah, I’m a slow learner.)

Go to Mimikri ‘s shop and see what other goodies that go along with this dress. There’s a  two in one” jacket and coat available that goes along with this shift dress and hip new drape pants that can be combined for a great club look.

A perfect compliment to this dress is jewelry from Eclectica. I am wearing the complete set of green glass jewelry. I apologize that it’s hard to see in the photos. Trust me, pay a visit to this designer and see for yourself the detail and quality she puts in to her jewelry.

* Mimikri – Kiku summer/ Dress
Shoes: J’s Real Toe Cross Belt Sandals BLACK
Bracelet: Alienbear Design (Pearl Teardrop Pearl Bracelet (Deep black))
Hair: (Armidi Hair) The Poynter – Light Brown Collection
Necklace/Earrnings/Ring: Eclectica Greenglass Jewellery
Poses: Long Awkward Pose, Striking Poses

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