Retro Awesomeness

Retro Awesomeness

This new dress from Lost Dreams, with it’s retro 60’s-inspired print, makes me awesome in more than one decade. The dress in a clingy satiny lycra has great lines, a little cowl neck and hugs my curves in all the right places. It makes me very va-va-va-voomy!

The dress is also offered in a yummy pink. Believe me, I had a hard time making my mind up on which color. Isn’t that always the case? I swear, sometimes I stand in a store for an insane amount of time trying to figure out the most perfect color. I even walk up to the clothing article on the wall, stand in front of it,  and cam out to see which one works best for my coloring. Ha! Ever do that?

Pairing the dress up with some fab blue boots from League. Which I thought at the time I was buying them that they were a total splurge for blue boots. I mean, how often am I going to wear blue boots? But I keep going back to them. The Kookie‘s grey hole mania stockings  add a very modern touch to the overall look.

Lost Dreams Retro Janine in Green
Stockings: *Kookie* Hole Mania socks – Grey
Bangle: *booN round2bangle
Boots: *League* Sinaed Boots-Blue
Hair: *RaN* Rui Brown&Ashbrown
Poses: Striking Poses

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